For over 17 years, the market has fostered strong bonds between local and organic food producers and the people they feed.

We’ve never faced a challenge like the current one, but we’re determined to keep our market community connected, and to provide you with safe ways to continue eating well while supporting our farmers and vendors.

Bees Universe

Large Eggs (12)

In some rare and regrettable circumstances we may need to substitute slightly different egg sizes.

Honey Crisp apples - both sweet & tart and crunchy, sustainably grown

Ying Ying Soy Food

Nigari Firm Tofu

Size: 300g. Shelf life: 5 weeks.

Our favourite variety with yellow flesh. No need to add salt or butter.

Essa Seedlings

Pea Shoots

The edible leaves of the pea plant.


These masks are polypropylene, chiffon, and cotton with a channel down the side. Any style of tie can be threaded through the channel. Mask comes with ear elastics. Please hand wash in soapy water or boil for three minutes.

Robinson Bread

Country Sourdough

10% whole emmer, 90% white wheat

Our product is all natural, with no added sugar. The quality, freshness, and great taste can only be achieved when the perfect mango is selected. We do this at LaPapampa by picking our mangoes at its peak point of ripeness. The mangoes are picked and dried at the same time, to retain and capture the [...]

Caramel Apple with a buttery spelt crust

Cool-season oyster mushrooms supplemented with other gourmet species as they become available.

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