Farm-Fresh Ontario Lamb • Grass-Fed • Pasture Raised • GMO-Free

Buschbeck Farms has operated in Grey County raising lamb for over 30 years with one belief; take care of our land and it will take care of us.

Located in picturesque Grey Highlands, southwest of Collingwood

We are a fully sustainable family run farm, raising animals from birth and growing all our own feed.

The result: the healthiest, highest quality lamb possible.

100% Lamb Summer Sausage Chunk (~200g)
Summer Sausage Chunks

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Lamb Bacon
Lamb Bacon

13 in stock

Ground Lamb (~1lb)
Ground Lamb

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Lamb Stew (~1lb)
Lamb Stew

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100% Lamb Pepperettes (Regular)
Lamb Sausage

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Lamb ribs
Lamb Ribs

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Lamb Liver Dog Treats (45g)
Dog Treats

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Lamb bones (~ 2 lb bags)
Lamb Bones

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Lamb Shanks
lamb Shanks

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Lamb leg roast boneless butterflied

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