Kooner Farms Organics is one branch of a family farm in Caledon. The family’s fields have always been farmed using traditional organic practices such as crop rotation, manual weeding, and fertilization with cow manure. Now Joti Kooner and her husband Indy Kooner have six acres of farmland in transition to organic certification with Pro-Cert. They grow a wide range of specialty crops, including round eggplants, okra, marrow, fenugreek and many more. They have many beehives in their fields to support local apiarists, and they get a jump on spring by starting seedlings extra-early in their greenhouse. If you are looking for variety in vegetables, you’ll find it here!

Amaranth Leaves (Baathu) Bunch

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Pint of Green Beans
green beans

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Beets Bunch

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White Cauliflower

58 in stock

Daikon (long and white)

87 in stock

Mustard Green/Rapini Bunch
mustard greens

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Red Onion Stalk

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Green Bell Pepper

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Spinach Bundle

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Swiss Chard
swiss chard

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Carrots (Indian)

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Fenugreek Bunch

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Banana (Yellow) Peppers Pint

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Chili Pepper (Green) Pint

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Jalapeno Pepper (Green) Pint

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Pumpkins (Halloween)

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Hot House Tomato Pint

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Turnips without tops

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Bunch of Red Raddish

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New Potatoes

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