Motherdough Mill and Bakery is an artisanal bakery with a stone mill run by miller-baker Carole Ferrari. The bakery is in Toronto at Dupont and Symington. Motherdough is focused on quality, small batch baking of traditional baked goods from all over the world with a real focus on craft. I take many classes with master bakers across North America and Europe to learn new techniques and constantly improve on what I do.

Motherdough has a 26 inch New American Stone mill and with it we mill organic grains including whole hard wheat, soft wheat, spelt, rye, corn, buckwheat, emmer, einkorn, rice, quinoa to make the flours to make all the doughs and batters for the bakery. These flours are also for sale and milled to order.

Organic Fresh Milled Hard Wheat Flour - 1KG
Hard flour

2 in stock

Brioche Loaf

1 in stock

Kamut, Chedder and Chive Scones (2)

9 in stock

Lemon and Date Scone (2)

8 in stock

Coronation Grape Tart, 6 inch (2)

10 in stock

Organic Fresh Milled Soft Wheat Flour - 1KG
Organic Soft Flour

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Organic Fresh Milled Rye Flour - 1KG
Rye flour

4 in stock

Organic Fresh Milled Spelt Flour - 1KG
Spelt grain flour

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Organic Fresh Milled Red Fife Wheat Flour - 1KG
Red fife flour

5 in stock

Organic Fresh Milled Purple Barley Flour - 1KG
Purple Barley flour

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Organic Buckwheat Flour - 1kg

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