Located in Norfolk county, Sosnicki Organics is an organic family farm and food processor committed to sustainable agriculture.

Our philosophy is that farming practices should leave the soil, air, water, plant life, animals and people healthier – and happier.

We are constantly evolving to do better, appreciating where we are, but always focused on looking forward and making more of a difference.

Raw Unpasteurized Organic Sauerkraut!

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Sweet Potato Organic Perogies!
Sweet Potato Pierogies

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The Decandent Organic Perogies!
Decadent Pierogis

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Vegan Organic Perogies!
Vegan Pierogis

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Buttery Onion and Sauerkraut Perogies!
Sosnicki Pierogies

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Green Cabbage
green cabbage

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Red Cabbage
red cabbage

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