Twenty dollars to spend how you or the recipient likes.  Can be emailed to anyone.  Can be purchased in multiples for higher value. Gift Certificate fine print.  

Holiday Cookie Pack: Almond Rye Speculoos, Vanilla Shortbread with Cranberry Jam, Ginger Glazed Cookie, Hazelnut and Emmer Crescent and, Peppermint. Double Chocolate Rye Cookie.

Pure 100% beeswax. Researches show that burning beeswax produces negative ions which neutralize odors and purifies the air.

Mulled fresh pressed apple cider with just the right spices make this jelly ideal for croissants and tea, cheese and crackers, or try a dollop in your morning oatmeal.

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Our favourite here, the East Friesian is a dairy breed from the East Friesia. Big, friendly, piggy sheep they are world reknowned for their milk production. It's also Jennifer's favourite breed!

These colourful, washable crowns are made from soft microfibre fleece and are adjustable down to the smallest baby head and up to any adult size!

Please also consider giving the gift of money to the market.

All of the evergreen and berries are gathered from our local forest. The wreaths will be made fresh to order.

Our product is all natural, with no added sugar. The quality, freshness, and great taste can only be achieved when the perfect mango is selected. We do this at LaPapampa by picking our mangoes at its peak point of ripeness. The mangoes are picked and dried at the same time, to retain and capture the [...]

We grow, harvest and package our own organic popcorn. Dried to perfection for an even full pop.

Traditional Persian Marinated Olives. Olives with pomegranate sauce, Walnut, vegetable and spices. Perfect for a side dish.

HOLIDAY MACAROONS - Ingredients: Coconut Flakes*, Coconut Butter*, Agave*, Molasses*, Vanilla*, Spices*, Sea Salt* (*organic) - Package Size: 240g

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the ultimate gift or self indulgence (approx 30" at longest point)


For over 17 years, the market has fostered strong bonds between local and organic food producers and the people they feed.

We’ve never faced a challenge like the current one, but we’re determined to keep our market community connected, and to provide you with safe ways to continue eating well while supporting our farmers and vendors.